All Our Cool Shit All At Once (Relax, You Can Take It)

If you were forced (totally willingly without coercion) to take a tour of the most eclectic collection of different shit to put on your body you might expect to find yourself digging through the overstuffed duffle bag of that girl from college who had the collection of faded bumper stickers that had lost their edge years ago, all not-so-carefully placed around a big ‘coexist’ sticker.

Luckily for you, that ain’t the tour you have to take. This collection of strange shit is only strange to those operating outside of theChive collective.

Just because they don’t get Bill F*cking Murray doesn’t mean we have to conform to their sense of normalcy.

You’ll wear whatever the fuck you want, and you’re gonna look good doing it.

Left shark? Right. (not right as in right shark, but right as in ‘left shark, got it’)

KCCO gear, Chive shirts and Chive nation gear? Right here.

Red White and Boobs, Taco shirts, Whiskey t-shirts, Bourbon shirts, hoodies, outerwear and neato Chive stuff as well.

There’s like… a lot of shirts in this collection. Seriously, I can’t type them all out. That’s just too much.

But what’s not too much is that the entire Chive collection goes way beyond stuff you can put on your body. TheChivery has stickers, patches, and posters. There’s even art from theChive so you can make your Tinder date think you’ve got culture or some shit.

And if they judge you for having art featuring the Great Hambino or the Dude? That’s not the kind of person you want up in your naughty bits.

Also, if you need some cool gift ideas: Whiskey Bullets, Yeti mugs, Etched growlers... Trust us. Just check out the Drinks and Barware.

At TheChivery, we have all the cool shit you need. Our entire collection is rich with original, licensed content you can’t find anywhere else. Whether you need to find cool shit, Chive clothes and gear, Chive art or drinkware for a gift, or for yourself, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

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