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Shatter the Cuteness Scale with theCHIVE brand Kids Apparel

Here at The Chivery we’re big on family. Whether it’s a Chiver chapter a state away or our brethren in another country, we’re all in this together and we’re one big, happy, semi-dysfunctional family doing shit for the greater good.

So, naturally we had to create a kids apparel section of The Chivery filled with kids bodysuits and funny onesies for kids.

These little Chivers and Chivettes are gonna be running the world someday. They’re the future, after all. If we take the time to raise them right, starting now, and expose them to the most critical and important things at a young age then we can mold and shape them into responsible and respectable people that will make us proud.

Sure, a Dilly Dilly onesie probably doesn’t have the same impact as exposing them classical music and reading for long periods. But it’s culture, and kids need culture – and I’m not just talking about smearing yogurt all over themselves and everything else.

Toddlers are frickin messy, right?

Funny kids apparel is as much for them as it is for you. Think of how well your kids will be socialized as other Chivers and strangers can’t help but stop and admire the Bill Murray onesie. We guarantee the “pants are bullshit” bodysuits will be a conversation starter.

Let’s face it. Kids have it made. We all know pants are bullshit and if these onesies came in adult sizes then our shipping and logistics wouldn’t be able to keep up with the orders.

For now, you’ll have to live vicariously through your children. So, get the kids apparel ordered, fam. Start cultivating culture with these funny onesies for kids or just spring for the KCCO shirt, so your genetic clones can rep theCHIVE in style and raise hell in our name.

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