BFM Canada Coin

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Hey Canada, we've got a little something special for our northern neighbors. Wanna set yourself apart from other Chivers? Wanna show your true fandom to theCHIVE? Wanna stand tall on top of Chiver hill, above all the other peasants, a hero among villains, a king among pawns, a GOD AMONG MERE MORTALS? Whoa. We got a little carried away there.

We took the limited edition Bill Murray-inspired coin and personalized it just for you Canadians and it looks darn good. You can decide bets with it. Play games of chance with it. Show it to your favorite Chivette and say "Look! Shiny!" It's got a ton of uses. We call it the Very Important Person's Gift With Purchase Bill F*ckin' Murray coin. It's only available for free with a membership! Subscribe Now >