Your Future Chiver's First Steps

Your parenting skills are at an expert level, so your kid definitely had a head start on Awesomeness fresh out of the womb. From their crib to their first steps to their first day of elementary school, do the Future Chiver a favor and dress them accordingly, because that’s probably the best way to make sure your kid’ll be a badass when they grow up.



If you’re expecting, you probably felt a few kicks as you read this. We know you’re raising our future generation, whether they’re riding the bus to school for the first time, just peeking over the playpen, or baking down there in that oven, we want to know how good you think our future’s going to look.

So tell us what you think! Leave us a comment below about what you like and are excited to see! These kiddos are the future, so we want to make sure they're looking good before they even know what looking good is.