#CHIVECAMPUS Returns, Just In Time For Midterms

What’s up, College Chivers. Today’s topic: the scientific method. Kidding. The real topic: the results of our #CHIVECAMPUS experiment, and we've got them just in time for midterms. You’re welcome.


College move-in means one thing: Plain. White. Walls. Maybe beige if you’re lucky. Those rock-hard beds and couches in your “fully furnished apartment” only complement that boring color, and that sounds like a problem. So we fixed it. Together.


You’re not the plain, boring character that your naked apartment wants you to be. You're the life of your own party. Your response when you can’t afford to drink is “Fuck it, let’s drink to that.” You’re not just the average college student, you’re a Chiver at heart, and your duty is to let it be known.


So let's keep this thing going. Whether you’re donning your favorite ChiveNation Tee, flying your KCCO flag, or partying in an apartment full of Chive posters, we want to see photos of your fucked up collegiate shenanigans. If it looks like you’re hosting a wine tasting, and the drunkest person's only slightly tipsy, your photo is unacceptable. Boobs, bars, beers, butts, booze, bras, and binge drinking are more plausible themes. You’re a college student. Act like it.

Let us live vicariously through you, fellow Chiver. Share these moments with us so we can try to remember our own drunken stupors that set us on the five-year-plan. Hashtag the photos #CHIVECAMPUS on your social media, and show us the difference between the average college student and a Chiver pursuing higher education.

We expect Awesomeness, and we're counting on you to deliver it.