Official Chive Gear - Funny Men’s Apparel & T-Shirts

Some men live and die by the apparel they wear and spend a lifetime looking for the best ‘man’ shirt they can find.

Some men will settle for the first damn thing they can pull out of the closet, fishing blindly through with eyes closed and yanking out whatever feels like a t shirt that doesn’t smell (too) funky.

Those guys don’t even care if they wind up wearing clothes look like a child matched their outfits. We like those guys. Those guys are awesome. Those are the guys that get all the attention.

We also like the guys who double down on machismo and know that the best men’s tops starts with Chive men’s apparel.

It goes good with whiskey, it makes you look good on a date, and the only thing cooler is a badass beard that all women love because they get to scrunch it in their fingers. You know the kind of beard we’re talking about. The one that tickles thighs in just the right way but isn’t so bushy that you can find yesterday’s lunch in it.

That beard, combined with Chive men’s apparel, makes you a sex icon.

Actually, you can be bald and minus the beard, too. Our collection of intimate clothing, funny graphic tees, pants, shorts, and outerwear is enough to get your sexy on.

We got you covered.

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