Women’s Graphic Tanks – Sleeveless Chivettes Do It Better

Dress codes be damned! The sun is shining, it’s nice as hell outside, and you have a constitutional right to bare arms. There’s only to performers in attendance at this gun show – lightning and thunder, and we’ve got the women’s graphic tanks to help you show off what you’re packing.

There’re no cutesy, strappy tank tops here in The Chive. We know what our Chivettes want.

Pure humor, epic levels of awesome, and just the right balance of fabric to show off what you’ve got in all the right places. This isn’t your grandma’s casual sleeveless shirt and you’re not about to sit on the sunporch sipping lemonade and dreaming about meeting the girls at Hobby Lobby.

Well, alright maybe scratch that last part Hobby Lobby sells some cool shit for making other shit when you’re feeling crafty.

But you’re not here to be crafty, are you? Hell to the no. You’re here for apparel and women’s graphic tanks that will help you express yourself

If you’re tired of your clothing’s expression being limited to “that girl who orders take out all the time and takes forever to text back” then maybe you need an upgrade. A real woman knows how to express herself with a ‘Meow’ tank top and she can make her man swoon just by putting on her ‘Drunk in Love’ tank top.

And when you’re shopping, and you absolutely need people to clear a damn path and stop parking their cart in the middle of the aisle, you throw on your Hangry tank top and put on your war face.

Try not to laugh as they scatter from you, you sleeveless badass bombshell.

Hail to the Chivettes

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