Miss Florida Pays theCHIVE a Visit - Behind the Scenes with Brittany Oldehoff

It's not everyday you get to meet a state's most beautiful woman, but we were lucky enough to have that happen earlier this week, as Ms. Brittany Oldehoff stopped by our office for a little photo shoot. We really are lucky. Recently crowned Miss Florida USA 2014, Brittany was a ton of fun, ready for anything we had in store for her. Here's a little look behind the scenes. 



We all love Mexican food, margaritas, and some good Tequila, so we gave the Floridian a little taste of that Tex-Mex flavor. We all love a little friendly competition, too. Burrito snatching, face stuffing races, punchbag punching, and boxing matches are just everyday things for us, and we're always down for whatever. Our shoot that included all of the above.



It was a huge treat to have Brittany in the office, and we can only hope that she had as much fun as we did. Check her out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and let us know what you think in the comments below. Another big thanks to Brittany for coming out. Miss Florida couldn't have looked better in Texas. Hope y'all enjoyed, there's more behind the scenes footage coming soon!