Happy Halloween from The Chivery

Zombie, Nurse, Vampire... Whatever you're going to be tonight, be sure to enjoy yourself. Your disguise encourages your night of ensuing debauchery because there's a chance most people won't recognize you. Party hard, Chivers. Party hard.


It's fucking Halloween, so if you're not reading this with a drink in your hand, go get one, and if you're sober and reading this, you're doing it completely wrong. Get a little buzz going and come back when you're ready. This'll be here for a while, but Halloween night only comes once a year, so start enjoying it. Now.


This night would be nothing without the masks and makeup, and we've seen some crazy costumes over the years. Check these out!



We can only hope that one of our designs added a little flair to your costume. If we did it right, Chivers worldwide will be wearing their Best Costume Ever tonight, and after raging like we should, we'll all be Drunk Ass Zombies tomorrow morning. So go for that hottie wearing that sexy little maid outfit. Hopefully, you grabbed one of our Halloween Tees so she'll have something to wear on All Saint’s Day, 2014. And if you didn't get to, snag one now just to remember what went down this eventful evening.


We'd love to see what all's going down out there tonight, so share some of your costumes with us in the comments below. Have fun, of course and please, fellow Chivers, be safe this evening. You'll have too many tales to tell tomorrow. Us here at The Chivery wish you a very Happy Halloween!