Chivette's Have More Fun...

Chivette's Have More Fun...Which is why we set out to create a women's line that would penetrate the premium t-shirt market, just as our men's line has. 


I mean, come on... what would theChive be without Chivettes? What would Hump Day be without humps? Mind the Gap would just be a boring Monday without girls in yoga pants. Whether its with permanent marker or a sexy smile, Chivettes all over the world constantly remind us to KCCO! 


I've since made it my mission to create a clothing line specifically for Chivettes that is equally as fun and sexy as we are! 


I wanted to give Chivettes something more than tshirts, developing fashion-forward pieces that would make Chivettes feel like there was a sexiness to the clothing, without being too revealing. 


We saw that Chivettes were submitting more and more photos in sports bras and workout gear, which is why we decided to make our own line of athletic wear, just for Chivettes. What girl doesn't want to spend a little less to look good at the gym? 


The Chivette Athletic line is intended to be worn both as fitness and casual wear. Whether you're working out, hanging around the house, or running to the grocery store, our clothes allow you to do it comfortably, while showing the world that you are a Chivette.


We use the same performance fabrics as active wear brands and (unlike a lot of them), we pride ourselves on our commitment to "Made in 'Merica." The majority of our Chivette line is made in LA - even our fabric is milled in USA!  


From tees and tanks to lingerie and swimwear in just over a year, we have transformed the Chivette brand. I am constantly working on expanding the line to give Chivettes what they really want to wear. Moving into Fall/Winter, we have some exciting new additions including lounge wear, PJs, and jewelry, in addition to a deep-V, so keep an eye out!