The Chivery’s Custom Flexfit Hats Make Any Sexy Head Even Sexier

Hats… what’s in a hat, anyway? (Besides your head.) What does it mean to wear a hat? Is there some greater philosophical meaning behind the type of hat one chooses to wear? Perhaps, the type of hat and the message it carries – visibly embroidered and patched with painstaking detail – is a direct line to understanding the deepest and most-hidden thoughts lurk beneath the surface of many a tarnished soul.

Of course, all that shit could be nonsense and instead it’s just a lid for your melon. There’s no deeper existential meaning here. You’re just the type of Chiver wearing custom flexfit hats because you can put whatever the hell you want on your head, so you choose to wear what’s comfortable.

We dig that kind of basic want=have way of thinking. If that’s how you live your life, then we’re picking up what you’re putting down.

You certainly don’t need a reason to wear a hat nowadays, not like our ancestors. They had to wear hats and fancy headdresses and shit to protect them from the weather, weapons, and rocks. It had a lot less to do with fashion than you think.

We’re lucky that people aren’t as savage in today’s world because while the fitted hats for sale in our store look awesome along-side beanies and other accessories they’re certainly not going to stop a boulder or a scimitar from braining you.

If that’s the kind of action you see then you’re probably better off getting something in Kevlar. Otherwise, if you want to be fashionable and stylish, our custom flexfit hats and snapbacks should do you just fine.

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