Go for the Gold with The Chivery's USA gear!

With The Olympic Games dropping next week, we here at Chivery Sports figure it's a great time to put together some our favorite 'Merica gear for you to use to show your patriotism these upcoming weeks. You know, in case you want to be a proper American citizen who is proud of your country, and not some commie-sympathizer redcoat traitor. Above is our Made in the USA bikini, which will definitely give you an edge at any swimming competition. Plus, it's running on sale right now!

This Rocky Balboba tee combines two things you gotta love about this country: First-related violence (boxing is an Olympic sport!) and the fact that we pretty much have a lock on outer space. 

Our Merican Dream doormat is on sale, too! It's perfect for warning that damned Benedict Arnold to stay off your property.


We also just so happened to launch our KCCO Summer Games Tee and KCCO Futbol Tee, just for this occasion. Both are a goalllllllllllll (breath) lllllllll!!!!!

This KCCO USA State Tee covers all your bases with Old Glory waving behind our Keep Calm and Chive On motto in the shape of the continental U.S. of A.

A 2016 classic, with a touch of 1776.


If you're looking to give your Olympics party a little Bill Fuckin Murray style and flair, check out our BFM Murrica Tee. It'll bring a lot of character to any cookout!

Or maybe you just want to swear AND support your country with a rad tee? Fuck yeah you do.

This American wall art from Parvez Taj (and this American KCCO version) could be an amazing add to any parlor or man cave that also doubles as a bunker for Freedom! Now that's the kinda art we can get behind. Brings a tear to your eye, don't it?

How about giving folks a little history lesson while you're at that Olympic drinking party, with this T-shirt of Abraham Lincoln riding a dinosaur from the historians at Buy Me Brunch? It's also available as a tank.

Or, be a fucking all-star American patriot with this unisex bodysuit. Nothing quite shouts U!S!A! U!S!A! like it. Well, actually... if anything else does... it's this.