Mac's December Box

After Mac caught wind of John's November Chive Box, there was no stopping him. He broke into John's house and took over the December Chive Box.

Always the showman, Mac really went out of his way to try and one-up John's efforts for last month's box. For starters, the December box will include the now-legendary BFM coin for all first-time subscribers (if you're already subscribed, you can claim your coin HERE, and if you've already claimed your coin, fret not, it's on the way). That's not all though... among all the other exclusive merch we can't tell you about will be a little USB drive that Mac has filled with all his greatest outtakes from theCHIVE. Behind the scenes, cat photos, and probably some stuff that should never see the light of day. We're calling it "Mac's Forbidden USB Drive and you should look at it AT YOUR OWN RISK.

New sign-ups for the December box are open now, but you'd better make it quick, because space is limited.

Sign up HERE.