My sister, me, and the art of whiskey (Video)

theCHIVE Box Whiskey Edition

My sister Emily and I are two peas in a pod. Most people rarely get to see our family dynamic, but it’s hilarious – especially when there was a hiccup with the microphones during the filming of our spot for the new Chive Whiskey Box. So we (ok, mostly me) got tipsy while they figured it out.

We’re having a contest that starts today. Sign up for the July Chive Whiskey Box and you qualify to win a trip for you and your best friend to Austin for a private whiskey tasting at Gatsby South with my whole family! If you receive the original Bulleit Bourbon 11×14 painting, you’re on your way! You’ll know if you got it by next Wednesday!

Did I mention the next day is our famous 4th of July party? You’ll be attending that banger as well.

Everybody who has theCHIVE Box qualifies as well as everybody who signs up today!

If you wanna give the perfect Father’s Day gift, you can buy individual prints from Emily Mercedes Whiskey Collection right here!

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