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William Murray Golf Apparel – It’s BFM (now with more balls)

You should know something before you purchase any William Murray golf apparel…

You can adore him, worship him, and love him for all he is but no amount of Bill Murray clothing is going to make you as epic as Bill Fuckin’ Murray in Caddyshack.

We totally agree that you’re pretty damn epic, just not quite as epic as the man. No one is. That’s the whole point. We can all wear Bill Murray golf clothes, but we can never get close to the depth of this man’s soul.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

Try every day, dammit. That’s what hopes and dreams are for. Do you think when we were little that when our parents told us our dream of being an astronaut was stupid that we gave up? Hell no! We studied, we worked our asses off, and then we launched the Chive.

You see what hard work can bring you? It brings you beautiful Chivettes, and amazing Chivers around the world.

If you want to be Bill Murray, and dress in Bill Murray golf clothing, and quote his movie lines… baby, that’s you all day and you need to do you. We’re here to fuel your dream with all the best polo golf shirts to round out your wardrobe.

Just know that when the day comes, when you realize that you’ll never quite get close enough to become Bill Murray, that we’re here for you.

Trust fall, we’ll catch you. And when we hold you in our arms as you sob, we’re gonna look you dead in the eyes and make sure you know that you look damn good in that polo shirt, you beautiful son of a bitch.

You Keep Calm and Chive On.

Chive on, forever. We got you.

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