One Quick Trick To Making the Perfect Muscle Tee

We asked our favorite social media expert, Alex, to give us her advice on how to turn a Chivery T-shirt into a workout-slash-summer-fashion staple: the muscle tee. As you'd imagine, it's not too fucking hard.  You cut off the sleeves. But there is one quick trick (which we'll show you) that will make the difference between a hot piece of garb and complete trash. Here, we had Alex test her first-grade scissor skills.

The first step is the most important. Take your favorite new T-shirt from The Chivery (in my personal case, this awesome shirt) and get out your ruler. "You're going to want to measure an inch in from the shoulder seam of each sleeve," explains Alex. "Mark it. Then two inches below the bottom seam of each sleeve. Mark that" Connect the two dots you make on each side of the shirt by drawing a straight line down, then make a slight swoop after you pass the bottom seam of the sleeve. 

Then, simply cut along the dotted lines, as Alex is doing right here. Be sure to use small and controlled snips. We know it's tough, but we believe in you! (And oh yeahhhh... we HIGHLY recommend you use a washable clothing marker instead of the black Sharpie we found around the office).

 The finished product will come out looking a little something like this. 

Next, for the sake of argument, we asked Alex to cut a shirt by eyeballing it. This is our Thanks For Not Being A Total Dick shirt. We're going to miss it.

As you can see here, this abomination looks like two sharks of different sizes attacked it. Not so good, Alex. RIP T-shirt.

Of course, we asked her to model it. Looks great! Can you say "Ohhhh yeahhh!" with us? 


Alex isn't pleased here. And she shouldn't be. "The best way to tell if you went too deep is if you're showing skin beneath your bra. Then you know you went too far," she told us. For all her help, we thanked her, but told her she can't keep the shirts.

And, of course, she said: "Thanks at least for not being a total dick."

Which isn't completely true.