The Chivery's 10 Favorite Chivettes!

Sometimes, writing blogs can be tough. There are deadlines. There's writer's block. There's the fact that you have to call yourself "a blogger." Then, there's that one Wednesday when your boss demands that you click through months of photos of very attractive, scantily clad women to make a list of your favorite.

That's considerably easier, you know.

More fun.

Just a little.

So, before we kick off this amazingly *cough* WELL-RESEARCHED list, we here at The Chivery Hotness Labs would like to thank God, America, and all these lovely ladies. For what? Hell, I don't know. Just this beautiful day.

Trigger warning: This "The Chivery's 10 Favorite Chivettes" is by no means a full list. In fact, after the last couple hours of searching, we're intentionally leaving the door open to do this again. And maybe again after that.

So, in no particular order...

1. Anastasia Ashley

2. Danielle Lo

 3. (Our Very Own) Carmen Dickman

4. Mikayla Carr

5. Jade Elizabeth

6. Kat Tolbert

7. Marissa Luck

8. Sydney Maler

9. Jordyn Ryder

10. Katerina Schload

So what do you guys think? Who did we leave out?

You know, for the next list.