For Those Who Gave All...

America truly is the greatest country on the planet. We have such freedom and liberty in this wonderful nation, and we owe a lot of that to our troops. They make unbelievable sacrifices everyday so we all can live happily, and there's no way we could ever thank them enough. They gave and continue to give their all, and we're eternally indebted.


Our Focus Group a few weeks ago went phenomenally. We received valuable input from service members as to what they wanted to see, and some direct feedback about what's coming up for us. Based on their opinions and suggestions, we've developed some awesome new equipment. And it's just in time for Veteran's Day.



This gear has been operationally tested, and is probably the best in the business for any kind of PT, at anytime of the day, in any kind of weather. Water resistant, a breathable but tough material, these clothes'll withstand anything you can think of. Guaranteed. 


We got your 6 on this, because y'all have had ours for as long as the American people can remember. Our new products will be available on the 11th in honor of all our Veterans. For Those Who Gave All, we thank you for your service and everything you've done and continue to do for this country.