The Chivery Launches Its New Flat Shipping Rate

AUSTIN, Texas – November 4, 2014 – Today, The Chivery is proud to introduce new flat rate shipping for Chivers, and that’s probably the most awesome thing that’s happened on a Tuesday in the history of ever. Now, no matter the number of items ordered, the shipping cost will be a flat fee of $5.95* across the board for domestic orders. This gives Chivers the opportunity to get more for less, and everyone loves a good deal.


The Chivery brand has always pledged to ensure customer satisfaction by going above and beyond the needs of each individual customer, and this is no different. Customers have had concerns about shipping in the past, and The Chivery has answered, swiftly and effectively.


*Some exclusions and limitations apply. A flat surcharge of $9.95 is charged for some heavy and unwieldy items. Shipping option is U.S. Domestic only.