Secret Santa - RAKit Style

Secret Santa is always such a localized event, never spanning outside of you and a group of friends all drawing names from a hat. Well, we're revamping the whole Secret Santa deal, putting the amazing giving spirit of theCHIVE community behind it. Paying it forward has been revived by The Chivers into a global phenomenon, and this year, we're making it easy for everyone to spread their generosity all over the world.


There will be a sign up period over the next few days, and from there, everyone will be randomly paired with a fellow Chiver or Chivette. You'll receive your RAKit recipient and it's all on you to RAK away. Be creative. Be random. Be generous. Send whatever gifts you want to the shipping address included in the email.


It's important to note that we said "whatever gifts you want," meaning these gifts can be from anywhere, not just from The Chivery. We'll have a collection of ideas fro you, as well as free shipping for all RAKs, but we want to give you as much freedom as possible, so you can go nuts and have a ton of fun with this. Submissions will be open December 8-10th 2014. Sign Up RIGHT HERE 


You'll be paired up on the 11th, and from there, you'll have three options.


Option One: Personalized Shipment


You can prepare your own package to be sent out, so if you have something you've created, like a painting or sculpture, maybe some sort of memorabilia signed by a famous sports icon, or if you want to go "old school" and regift a wonderful bread machine, this is the way to go. Simply ship it to the address supplied in the pairing email.



Option Two: RAK Ship


Check out through The Chivery and simply send it to the address of the Chiver or Chivette that you've been paired with. When in cart simply select "Yes, I know the address." This will enable the RAKit drop-ins for your recipient. Choose this option only if you know the shipping address of the recipient.




Option Three: Share a Link


This NEW feature will be coming on Dec. 11th. When in cart select "Yes, I want a link to share." You then simply check out like normal. An email containing a unique link will be sent to your email and you can share this ANYWHERE. Once the recipient clicks this link they will submit their own shipping information and "claim" the RAK. You can share this link in DM's, private messages, social media, text, theCHIVE comments, etc.

One thing to keep in mind, the first person to click the link and "claim" the RAK completes the order, and then the link will be void.  So don't share the link other than with the person you want to be able to receive it. 

RAK'er checks out by selecting "Yes, I want a link"



Recipient fills in their shipping information to be sent their RAK. All payment as already been received. 



This is your chance to put a smile on someone's face without ever meeting them or even knowing them, and it's that blind generosity that makes theCHIVE community so unique. It's like Chivers know that you don't have to know someone to be kind to them, and that mentality is something that can, and probably will start a global movement. Let the most widespread Secret Santa begin with these Random Acts of Kindness. Happy Holidays!