Look at all you Secret Santas, RAKing Away

#RAKit Secret Santa a huge success, and as everything ships, we couldn't help but appreciate how generosity is such a powerful, amazing thing.

It can yield unimaginable results. It could be something simple, like make someone smile, or it could inspire someone and restore faith. People give more than just a gift when it's random. They give joy, they give life. There's nothing quite like a giving spirit, especially when it spreads into a movement and reaches around the world. Then, a movement becomes a phenomenon, and we expected no less from theCHIVE community. So thoughtful, so unselfish, so genuinely kind, all you Secret Santas out there just reemphasized what we've known all along - that y'all are awesome.


Tens of thousands of y'all are awesome. The RAKit Secret Santa brought out our best, reminding us that Random Acts of Kindness can blow anyone away, no matter their grandeur. But still, there were so many RAKs in theCHIVE community... And it's kind of a big deal. Thanks to so many of y'all, the RAKit movement will continue to spread this winter season, and we want to see how it has. Hashtag your RAKs with #RAKit, and show us how some good old fashioned holiday spirit made your Christmas special.


We know it can get busy for all you Secret Santas - filling up the world with thanks and joy and kindness and all those other amazing things - but take a second from that and pat yourself on the back for being awesome. You showed us what true Christmas spirit really is, and gave everyone an appreciation for what RAKs in theCHIVE community are all about.


Happy Holidays!