5 Reasons Tom Brady Is The Goat –– Even Though He Wears UGGs

Tom Brady GOAT - Why Is Tom Brady Called The GOAT

Some things in life are just universally true, without debate. One of those universal facts is that Tom Brady is the GOAT. Greatest. Of. All. Time. Without a freaking doubt. But why is Brady called The GOAT, exactly? Chivers, listen up:

He has won more Super Bowls than any other player

…Ever. That’s an accomplishment that speaks for itself.

Tom Brady GOAT - Now Has 6 Super Bowl Rings

Beyond the sheer GOAT-power of his Super Bowl wins, Brady holds other Super Bowl records as well. He has won more Super Bowl MVP awards than any other player, and he’s the oldest player to ever win a Super Bowl.

Tom Brady GOAT - Tom Brady Inifinity Rings Shirt

In honor of Brady’s undeniable greatness, we even designed a Tom Brady shirt showing the man, the myth, and the legend sporting an infinite number of Super Bowl rings. Because honestly, we wouldn’t put it past him to play for the Patriots until the day he kicks the bucket.

He is the winningest quarterback in NFL history

Brady’s impressive stats continue outside the realm of Super Bowl records. He is the winningest quarterback there ever was, with over 200 regular-season wins. Are you bored of us talking about stats yet?

If not, let this sink in: Tom Brady has never had a losing season during his career as a starting quarterback. That’s unbelievable, further confirming that universal truth that he’s the GOAT without question.

He has got a smoking hot wife

Her name may be hard as hell to pronounce, but this article is about universal truths. And a universal truth is that Gisele Bündchen is a babe. To be quite honest, we’re not sure how he gets anything done.

Tom Brady GOAT - Brady Is Married To Gisele Bundchen

Brady could quite literally have a lay of the land, but he’s a happily married man (if we were married to Gisele, we’d be happily married too).

Not only is Gisele a grade A hottie, she’s also a grade A mom and wife. It’s hard to make a marriage work nowadays, but Gisele and Tom have been able to do it for a decade. That’s pretty impressive, and we’re sure he’s grateful to have such a ride-or-die woman in his corner.

He’s a great dad

There’s nothing like being a great parent, and surprise surprise, Brady is great at that too. The GOAT has three kids: Jack, Benny, and Vivian. While Brady’s oldest kid, Jack, is his kid from his past relationship with Bridget Moynahan, that hasn’t gotten in the way of their father and son relationship.

Tom Brady GOAT - Great Dad

All three of the Brady kids are frequently seen spending time together, which is really stinking cute. And to top it all off, Tom really values face time with his kiddos. You know, the good old-fashioned kind of face time. The Brady family eats lunch and dinner at the same time every day, and they do so all together. It’s like they’re the Brady Bunch, reincarnated –– and with a monstrous net worth.

He makes money off his love of Uggs

It may be a classic meme, but at least it’s one that has paid off. Brady does more than wear UGGs to the grocery store these days. He now does full-fledged ad campaigns for the company, fully owning his love of UGGs and getting paid big bucks in the process.

Tom Brady GOAT - Uggs

He even gave his fellow Pats players UGG boots as gifts once. What a delightfully generous and slightly feminine gesture, right? So when it comes to Brady wearing UGGs - we’ll allow it (as for the rest of you, the jury is still out).

Tom Brady is a living, breathing example of someone going sicko mode year after year. We had to stop somewhere, but we could keep talking about Brady’s status as the NFL Goat for hours. So much so that we made a literal Tom Brady GOAT tee. Seriously, go look at it. We don’t know what we did to deserve Tom Brady, but we’re really damn thankful.

Tom Brady GOAT Shirt