Why Some Dogs Are Better Than People…

The best people in the world are dog lovers; there’s no doubt about it. But why, exactly, is that the case?

Well… because science.

While none of us claim to be the next Stephen Hawking, we can confirm that there is a highly  technical mechanism that confirms that dog people are the best people. And that highly technical mechanism? It’s called logic.

If you’re already a dog lover, you may be thinking, “No shit, Sherlock.” But just how much of a dog lover are you? Are you one of those dog lovers who think your four-legged friend is better than literally any human ever?

If so, you’re in good company. Here at The Chivery, we always hoping for the chance to pet some dogs. Anywhere. Everywhere. All the time.

When it comes to talking facts, let’s keep it real. Dogs are the only ones that love us unconditionally – no questions asked!

Since we’ve already admitted that we’re not scientific geniuses, we’re grateful for those who are. Researchers have proven that both humans and dogs feel a rush of love when they see one another.

One study in particular provided impressive stats: dogs had a 130% increase in oxytocin –– the love hormone –– when they looked into their owner’s eyes. Meanwhile, humans had a 300% increase in oxytocin when looking at their doggo(s). This isn’t just cool or impressive; it’s really freakin’ heartwarming. And that is exactly why dogs are better than most people. Because really, how many humans do you normally come into contact with that warrant such an incredible rise in oxytocin (Don’t answer that –– just in case your significant other can read minds)?

Another great dog fact? There are so many different breeds of dogs, all of which have their own traits and personality types. That means your dog buddy is bound to be someone you get along with. That’s a huge changeup from humans, where there are only like three types of people: cool people, shitty people, and mildly less shitty people.

Want a dog that doesn’t bark? Get a Basenji, which is the only breed that doesn’t bark (to be fair, though, they do yodel, so there’s that).

Secretly a fan of small, cute dogs? A Yorkie, Yorkie mix, Shih Tzu, or Chihuahua are some of your best bets. Plus, women love small dogs –– even women who aren’t dog lovers by nature.

Are you a fan of larger dogs? A Golden Retriever or Labrador are great options.

Love swimming? The ocean and/or pool might be your second home? Well, Newfoundlands have webbed feet, making them great swimmers and excellent water companions.

Do you sometimes just want people to stay away from you in general? You can go adopt a Pit Bull or Rottweiler. They’re breeds that literally make people take a few steps back, but in reality they’re often just as cuddly as any corgi out there...

Dogs Are Better Than People - My Human Owns A Gun

Dogs are God’s gift to mankind in so many ways. They are whip smart and can be trained to do things humans cannot. At least, not the average human. They can sense seizures, help solve crimes, pick up on scents to warn diabetics that their insulin is dropping, and rumor has it that there was even a German Shepard seeing-eye dog who led his human on a 2,100-mile hike through the Appalachian Trail (PS, that’s not actually a rumor. The dog was named Orient and he helped his human achieve the accomplishment as the first blind man to do so).

Funny Dog Memes & Why Dogs Are Better Than People - Dogs Are A Chick Magnet

And on a lighter note, we can’t forget that dogs are an automatic chick magnet. Got cute dogs? Let’s just say it’s likely you’ll have the pick of the litter.

But facts sometimes aren’t quite as convincing as hilarious dog memes, so here are some of our very favorite funny dog memes. You’re sure to get a kick out of them. And if you don’t, you’re probably a monster.

Cute Dog Memes & Why Dogs Are Better Than People - Good Day

Cute Dog Memes & Why Dogs Are Better Than People - Whos A Good Boy

Cute Dog Memes & Why Dogs Are Better Than People - We Cant Afford The Cat

Funny Dog Memes & Why Dogs Are Better Than People - Why Are Humans In Charge

Cute Dog Memes & Why Dogs Are Better Than People - Dogs Pooping On The Carpet

Cute Dog Memes & Why Dogs Are Better Than People - You Dog Fetches Balls

Dogs Are Better Than People - Change My Mind

Funny Dog Memes & Why Dogs Are Better Than People - Cat Goes Missing

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But really, all of the cool KCCO products we carry make a good gift for a dog lover, because as we’ve proven, people who love dogs are the best type of people. And the best people are down to Keep Calm and Chive On.