theCHIVE Cribs Presents: New FlexFit Hats

thechive cribs presents flexfit hats


Yo, yo, yo, yo, Chivers!

Who remembers that sweet MTV joint "Cribs?" Yeah, us too. It brought us all the greatest moments of envy and jealously while perusing the obscenely lush and extravagant homes of some of our favorite artists of the nineties.

Well, it's BACK! Kindof. Well, not really. After discussing our favorite all-time MTV Cribs episodes, we were inspired shoot our own Cribs-style video with one other than Chris "The Bomb" Bomely, Creative Director at theCHIVE.

The Bomb hammed it up for us while showing off the latest and greatest Chive FlexFit hats available at The Chivery.

So, feast your eyes on the first ever edition of theCHIVE Cribs below and pick up one of these sweet hats over HERE. Y'heard!?!