Patriotic T Shirts – ‘Merica… Fuck Yeah

When Abe Lincoln fought Bob Saget in hand to hand combat, he arrived for that MMA fight on the back of a T-rex that shot mortars from its nostrils and lasers from its eyes.

That’s ‘Merica. Fuck yeah.

The world needs to know that you’re patriotic, and there are probably slightly less hilariously-offensive ways to show it but that’s not how we do shit around here.

We go for our patriotic t shirts and we wear ‘em with pride. We buy our guns at the drive thru, we train our squirrels in kung-fu (have you seen squirrels in New York? They’re bold as fuck), we throw inhibition and caution to the wind, and then plant a flag to blow in that wind, we wear whatever the hell we please whenever we want, and we consume the world through red solo cups.

Because ‘Merica. That’s how Chive Nation rolls.

Want to show your patriotism? Of course, you do – that’s a rhetorical question. Partially because we already know you’re patriotic and partially because this is the interwebs and you can’t answer questions.

When you’re feeling your most patriotic, The Chivery has you covered, from sea to shining sea, in red, white and blue. Our 'Merica Collection has 'Merica shirts, 'Merica gear, and a ‘fuck it lets drink’ attitude.

Not from America? That’s cool. It doesn’t matter where you’re from – everyone looks good in ‘Merica.

Chive on, my fellow ‘Mericans.

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