BFM Canadian Gold Coin

BFM Canadian Gold Coin

$10.00 USD $20.00 USD
Sold Out
BFM Canada Coin BFM Canada Coin

BFM Canada Coin

$10.00 USD $20.00 USD
KCCO Challenge Coin 2-Pack KCCO Challenge Coin 2-Pack

KCCO Challenge Coin 2-Pack

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The Chive Bargain Basement

We have a confession to make that’s best to put right out here in the open.

When we’ve got new gear that we’re absolutely certain is going to blow your mind we sometimes get more than a little carried away when send things off to production or order new stock.

There’s no blaming the interns.

We’re just firm believers that when we have epically cool shit to share with our Chivers we would much rather have too much on hand than have you see something that says we’ve run out of stock.

Sometimes we also add an extra zero at the end of a product order because it was a long weekend at the last charity event, the drinks were flowing, and the fluorescent lights were SUPER bright in the office…

So, it boils down to us just having too much of some stuff. When that happens, we fall back on our spirit of giving.

We’ve created the bargain basement to make sure that if there’s a sweet-ass product you had your eye on you can now get it at a discounted price.

In a world of tight budgets, we’ve done what we can to make sure you can have your discount tshirts without digging into your beer money or messing with your weekend plans. And the best part of it all is when you get your favorite chive gear for sale you’ll have something new to make sure you look fly as fuck when you head out with your friends.

Don’t see anything that catches your eye today? We got you, fam. Swing back in a few days. With deals ranging from 20-40% off (sometimes more) and always cycling products, we’ll eventually have something you love.

Be sure watch the discounts and sign up for our newsletter to get alerts on when other cool shit from The Chivery goes on sale.

Because we seriously have too much cool shit piling up sometimes.

Load up your cart and stand proud. You’re getting quality Chive gear for sale at a fraction of the price.

That makes you smart, fashionable, and a certifiable badass (probably. Check your state requirements for badass certifications.)

Wear it with pride, Chiver.

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