The Lore of the Ostrich is known to few. For those in the know, a great responsibility lies heavily upon their head. Many will carry this knowledge and duty to the grave. Be patient: some day, somebody may bestow the knowledge of the Lore upon you.

Until that day: Do not believe the lies told about the regal Ostrich. Against popular belief, the world's largest bird does NOT bury its head in the sand. This is a slanderous rumor begun by it's many enemies in various governments. While quite successful and extremely pervasive, this rumor will not destroy or affect the power of the Ostrich. He knows the lie. He remains: head held high.

As time ticks by, the Ostrich endures. He searches for you. Be ready.

Spot the Ostrich... with head held high.


John and Leo, the brothers who brought you theChive, have been on a quest. They search not for El Dorado, Bigfoot, nor the Fountain of Youth. Nay, these two captains of men have been on a worldwide hunt for the softest, most astoundingly comfortable T-Shirts in all the land. They've scoured the earth: from the peaks of the Himalayas to the wastelands of the Sahara; from the depths of the Amazon to the frozen tundra of Siberia... all in pursuit of bringing you the T-Shirts that you'll love to wear, with those fresh, simple designs you crave. Be proud, Chiver. Be proud.

When you catch a fellow Chiver wearing one of these amazing shirts, the two of you instantly have a telepathic connection of Awesomeness flowing betwixt you. Across the way you see each other, you give them The Nod, and telepathically text them, “Yes, Chiver. Oh, yes... I get it. And yes, these Probably are the Best Tees in the World.”