Buy Me Brunch Tees For Every Occasion (including drunken debauchery)

We know why you’re here.

You’re here for the gangbang.

You just missed it, but there are plenty of shirts to be had. If that’s not your cup of tea and you’re more of a “tequila es mi amigo” type then… fuck, have we got some awesome, epic-level shirts for you.

Buy Me Brunch is a hell of a lot less than a statement, experience, or thing you do with someone that you’re catching up with, but you don’t really want to catch up with, but you do it anyway because it would be awkward if you don’t and then you bump into them after dropping a lie about being too busy.

Oddly specific, but that shit happens.

Back on topic now. Our friends at Buy Me Brunch have created something more akin to a movement. It goes way beyond funny t shirts (even though this collection is literally all about Buy Me Brunch tees.) We love our friends and fellow Chivers at Buy Me Brunch, so naturally we felt they deserved a space all to themselves where their dope and funny graphic tees could thrive independently without fear of predators.

It totally has nothing to do with isolating them because they don’t play well with others or hiding them in a far corner where normal Chivers can’t find ‘em. Nope – we love Buy Me Brunch and you should, too.

There’s a shirt for every person in this collection. If you can’t find a shirt in the Buy Me Brunch collection that speaks directly to your style, personality, spirit animal or what-the-fuck ever then you have an issue.

You’ve being lying to yourself.

Come clean. Be honest. Assess yourself.

Drink wine? Save the Winos is for you.

Love food? Pizza, snacks, tacos… plenty of shirt choices.

Are you a prick? There’s Zero Fucks Given shirts (or Polite as Fuck for closet dicks.)We could go on, but it’s obvious there’s a shirt in this collection that would make you even more awesome than you already are. Scroll through the collection and bask in the clever quips and ultra-hip minimalist designs for tanks, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more.

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