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Chive Gear For Sale (Gifts and Gear That Make People Put Out… maybe)

You’ve done it.

You decked out your body and you’ve used us to the fullest extent to trick out your muscles, curves, and naughty bits.

TheChive apparel is all over your body and taking up a fair bit of space in the closet. Your most fashionable apparel is at the ready for the next Chive nation gathering or local charity event. No matter where you go you can represent in style.

Now to complete the ensemble – it’s time to get Chive gifts and gear.

We have toiled literally for a few hours… actually, it was probably longer than that, but time goes by weird when there’s tequila.

(…also, it is incredibly hard to track time on projects when Dale rides the vacuum naked around the office. Not a regular vacuum, like a Roomba. That was really messed up.)

But yeah, endless toiling to bring the best Chive goods and KCCO gear for any place, any occasion, so you can rep Chive nation the right way. Our entire collection is now available, including stuff to look at and finally stuff to play with… besides yourself.

The Chive gear collection includes:

• KCCO cups and containers for tasty cold beverages

• Entertainment for party-hard Chivers, like the KCCO washers game and branded cornhole set

• Flags to let your ‘Chive On’ fly strong

• Stickers for Chive nation or your local state chapter (fuck yeah)

• Decals to make it easy for Chivers to spot you in the wild

• Pouched boxers to hold your junk (commando or no, our panties are fucking cozy)

We’ve put the best of our most popular Chive gear for sale in the KCCO store right here in this collection to make it easy for you to deck out your home, office, car, laptop, workspace, pet, spouse, significant other, imaginary friend (use extra glue for the stickers), or whatever you want to show off.

Now, you’re dressed to thrill with your Chive apparel and you can flash your KCCO gear on your ride. You never know… that little window decal might trigger some photos and social shares in your local Chive community or a nod and a free drink from a fellow Chiver.

Admit it, you’re an attention whore just like us. Your Chive gear will get you all the attention you ever needed.

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