Keep Calm Canada, This Collection of Chive Gear is For You

There’s no shortage of reasons to love Canada. Set aside the fact that Ontario is the source of Swedish Fish in North America for a moment… that’s reason enough to love them. There’s so much more though.

Our friends in the North have bestowed upon us the gift of Timmies and some of the most epic (and adorable) slang phrases, and an appreciation for quality over quantity. They’re also super nice, and we love getting opportunities to mingle with moose during some of our Chive Nation events and charities.

Keep calm and Canada? Not really necessary – they’re incredibly chill (and that’s not a snow joke, seriously.) They’re also talented and sexy; there’s few things we love more than seeing photo shoots of our Chivettes from the north.

With all the love we have for our Canadian brethren it only makes sense to give them a collection all their own here in The Chivery. Now, our Canadian Keep Calm and Chive On girls (and dudes, we never forget our Chivers) can show love for their home when traveling abroad while easily spotting one another in the wilderness.

From the busy city centers of The 6ix to the wilds north of the diamond minds, no matter where you go in Canada theCHIVE will always be with you.

We may not be on the top of the list for urban or tundra survival gear but our CHIVE t shirts in Canada are as vital to an outing with fellow Chivers as a two-four.

Don’t worry, we’ve got next round.

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