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Chive Men’s Accessories – You Make This Shit Look Good

We know what you’re thinking.

If this is the section for Chive men’s accessories, then why are there thongs listed?

We have a simple answer to that question: we ain’t judging anyone. Whether you like your thong on your lady, or you want to feel the snug binding comfort of a lady’s thong, it’s all the same to us.

Now that we’ve addressed the elephant in the thong room, we should move on to a more important question:

Why don’t you have a Bill Murray wallet yet?

From the wallet to the man card bottle opener, KCCO wallet designs, lanyards, bracelets, boxers, thongs (we won’t over this already), hats, and beanies there’s a variety of Chive men’s accessories to compliment the gear you’re already wearing.

And if you’re not wearing Chive gear, that’s alright, too. Accessories from TheChive can go with pretty much any look, any style, and any personality to make sure you look good doing… whatever it is you do.

Because it’s not about what you do that’s important, it’s about how you do it and how you look when you’re doing.

And right now you look like a dude who doesn’t have enough Chive accessories.

And if you’re not a man and you’re perusing this category then let us make something absolutely clear: The Chive men’s accessories are pretty much the best gifts you can get for that sweet, sassy, funny guy in your life.

Also, buy him the thong. That shit would be hilarious when he opens it.

Brownie points if you send in pictures of him wearing it. (Double points for duck face.)

Whether it’s a fancy event or you just need some accessories to help you cruise in style, The Chivery has you covered.

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