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Men’s Flexfit Hats – Make Your Head Sexy

There’s something like 500+ synonyms for hats; bonnet, cap, helmet, lid, crown, deerstalker, headgear, headpiece, leghorn, topper, beaver…

Seriously, we’re not making these up.

Whatever you want to call it, that’s up to you. What’s important is that you choose the right lid for your melon so that your brainpan is properly protected.

Granted, our men’s flexfit hats and these awesome Bill Murray hats aren’t really designed to offer a hell of a lot of protection… they won’t really stop a brick to the head… but holy shit will you look good when you’re sprawled on the ground.

Then again, when you enter the room sporting a KCCO hat, a Bill Murray hat, or any hat with that big beautiful C adorning your forehead you’ll pretty much command the respect of the room. The crowd is more likely to point and say “aaaaay!” rather than swing construction materials.

And if men’s flexfit hats aren’t really your style then you can always go the route of the beanie. It’s the perfect noggin-warmer if you live in one of those places where white shit falls from the sky.

Lookin’ at you, Canada.

Whether you’re a man of tradition, a dude who likes hats, or you just want to make it easy for fellow Chivers to spot you in the wild, we’ve got the widest selection of Chive hats and Chive apparel you’ll find anywhere.

Because… well, we have the only selection of Chive hats.

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