KCCO Swim Trunks KCCO Swim Trunks

KCCO Swim Trunks

$10.00 USD $59.99 USD
theCHIVE Swim Trunks theCHIVE Swim Trunks

theCHIVE Swim Trunks

$10.00 USD $59.99 USD
Chive Jungle Swim Trunks Chive Jungle Swim Trunks

Chive Jungle Swim Trunks

$10.00 USD $59.99 USD

Volcom Men’s Swimwear & Board Shorts – The Best Alternative to Nude Shenanigans

Did you know board shorts were a thing?

We didn’t either.

After years of skinny dipping and falling into pools with clothes on we only recently discovered that swimsuits were a popular thing. So, naturally we’ve added what men want. Well… it’s not so much that men WANT them, it’s just that apparently, it’s frowned upon to go bum to the breeze in public swim areas.

You’ll have trouble finding anything more affordable and comfortable than the Volcom men’s board shorts. They’re stylish, sleek, and they even come with little ropes, so you can practice the manliest of knots while chilling by the pool.

Or you can just tie them, so they don’t fall down and reveal your junk stick to the shock of little old ladies gripping hungrily at their pool noodles during water aerobics.

The Volcom swim suit will ensure that you stay civilized in public, and since it’s summer twice a year in the world there’s a lot more time for you to strut your shit poolside.

Seriously, the seasons are reversed in Australia. When it’s summer in North America it’s winter in Australia (and vice versa). Mind blown, right? The upside to that is you get a hell of a lot more time to walk that sweet ass around the pool and show off to the ladies.

The good ones will recognize the Chive apparel when they see it, and they’ll know that underneath that sleek pair of the best men’s swimwear is a dashing, sophisticated man (and his penis.)

We gotcha covered… until you’re not.

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