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Chive Socks and Underwear – Turn Your Crotch Up a Notch

They say you should never judge a person by their appearance, that beauty comes from within, and it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Boy, if they only knew what was on the inside of these fun boxers.

Spoiler alert: it’s a wee dilly dilly

A good pair of underwear can make or break your day, and we’ve all got our preferences. Some guys like the firm squeeze and support of tighty-whities, some guys need the loose fit of boxers to let things dangle (ditto for letting the dilly swing free like a commando), and then there are those of us who like the compromise – boxer briefs that provide firm support with room to groove.

If that’s your style, then we’ve got the perfect collection for you. Chive socks and underwear are made to provide that superior fit with maximum comfort, keeping your boys cozy and your toes dry.

Just to be clear, your feet go in the socks. Don’t put your toes in your underwear. We’ve had issues in the past with not making instructions clear.

When those days roll around where you’re forced to don your monkey suit for work, or any other attire that you’re just not feeling, at lease with Chive socks and underwear you can feel comfortable underneath from your KCCO boxer briefs down to your dapper dot socks.

Or Bill Murray socks if you’re a die-hard BFM fan.

Either way, you’ll be hard pressed to find undergarments made with this level of quality. Because we take Chive apparel seriously; we care about how your package feels and you can trust us when we say that your cash and prizes are in good hands.

And so are your feet.

(did we just ruin the joke?)

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