Chivette Heart Skirtall Chivette Heart Skirtall

Chivette Heart Skirtall

$15.00 USD $69.99 USD
Ostrich Chivette Button Down Ostrich Chivette Button Down

Ostrich Chivette Button Down

$32.00 USD $59.99 USD

Gangsta Hoodies – The KCCO Hoodie For the Distinguished Playa

There are countless uses for a KCCO hoodie aside from using the comfortable, zip up apparel to shield against chilly winds.

A fan favorite is to pop the hood, zip it, seal it, and make sure that civilization can’t interact with because, admit it, sometimes you don’t people good and you need a break or you’re gonna eat someone’s face.

Another alternative use is straight gangsta hoodies. We’re not sure how gangsta hoodies work – but it probably has nothing to do with the one that says ‘polite as fuck.’ The ‘Buy Me Brunch’ hoodie would probably pass for gangsta though. That’d make you a loped out gangsta set trippin’ banger.

If the anti-social gangsta life isn’t for you there are plenty of alternatives in the Chivery store collection including our Chive On pullovers, Harrington jacket and the knit pullovers.

We’ve yet to see a Chivette that doesn’t look stunning as fuck in our pullovers, which is pretty much what inspired some of our other hoodies and pullovers like the “let’s make babies” hoodie. Yup… that’s a thing.

No matter what you’re doing or where you going, we’ve got outerwear to keep you warm, to keep you chill, to keep your gangsta and… best of all… we’ve got Keep Calm hoodies to help you do exactly what they say.

Keep Calm and Chive On

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