Stickers and Patches – Let the Chive Help You Label Your Shit in Style

You want to know the best thing about stickers? You can stick ‘em on stuff.

And that’s what makes the KCCO stickers so awesome. Stick them on anything and everything, especially where they’re the most visible. It’s the certified manner in which all Chivers spot each other in the wild while they’re cursing out that shithead that cut them off.

Which was you, but as soon as they spot those Bill Murray golf stickers and your Chive On sticker they immediately chill – because they realize that you’re on the level.

KCCO stickers, patches, and other Chive gear have a calming effect on fellow Chivers. In fact, according to statistics there have been a total of 785,904,102.45 automotive accidents and 3 bicycle accidents averted thanks to Chive stickers.

True story – make a note to grab some Chive barware and toast to that.

Now we can’t guarantee that having a Keep Calm decal on your vehicle or window is going to put an end to road rage – odds are good you wind up in on the receiving end of a public freakout if you cross paths with a non-Chiver who doesn’t understand.

Welcome to the shit show, right?

What we can promise is you’re going to find the exact sticker, patches, and decals that you love. You’re going to put them in your cart, and checkout.

Then we’re going to put those sweet sweet stickers in the mail so they grace your doorstep just when you need them most.

That’s a damn guarantee right there.

Whether it’s golf stickers, Farley Foley stickers, Chive decal packs or anything with Bill Fuckin’ Murray on it, we’ll never run out of giving you shit to stick to shit.

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