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Ten Dollar Tees – Epic and Hilarious Shirts on Sale

We get it. Money is tight. You made a lot of smart choices right out of high school and you sprung for that big education at a for-profit college. You’re up to nipples in debt, you’re working your ass off to get by and can barely pay bills. Your idea of fun is binging Netflix and springing for an extra topping on your pizza.

Either that or you’ve made a string of terrible decisions because you’re bad with money and living on oodles of noodles.

Springing for Chive t shirts with your current budget isn’t gonna happen when you have to decide between starving to death and Bill Fuckin’ Murray.

We’d choose Bill, but we won’t fault you.

Instead, we’ve launched our ten dollar tees collection to make a little easier for Chivers like you to participate in all the best shenanigans. And don’t worry about quality since even with 10 dollar t shirts you’re still getting the same great Chive quality you’ve come to rely on.

We’d never let you down. We got you, fam. These bargain basement t shirts are for you.

(So, like… some of them aren’t as low as 10 dollars. We know. Some of the shirts in the 10 dollar t shirts collections are actually like 14 dollar t shirts. But they’re on sale and that’s what counts.)

Chive on.

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