The Chive for Women – Purely for Comfort Because You’re Already Gorgeous

It wouldn’t be an official Chive store if we didn’t have a collection of apparel catering to the ladies that made us who are today. It’s because of women that we have The Chive, for women are the greatest gift to the world that must be celebrated.

We salute and honor our Chivettes, not because of their stunning beauty and bodacious curves; we salute them because they work hard. They’re mothers, nurses, police, teachers, doctors, students, teachers, fire fighters, military, retail, customer service and more. They make the world go ‘round and often keep the rest of us from doing stupid shit that earns us Darwin awards (or honorable mentions.)

That’s why you’ll find this collection in the Chive – for women. To honor them with hilarious women’s apparel, women’s funny t shirts, tanks, and hoodies.

This collection is where we show off the best of Chive women’s clothing that our team has worked tirelessly to dream up.

But we know it’s still not good enough. It never will be.

We’re happy to keep trying though, because you’re worth it. You’re smart, bold, intelligent, beautiful… you’re a god damn Super Chiver and we’re blessed to grace your chest.

Bring home the KCCO tradition, strap BFM to your chest, grab a funny graphic t shirt, and go and mingle with the other members of Chive Nation. You’re a diamond in the rough, and the Chive on your clothing is a beacon to let everyone know as much.

Also, our women’s apparel is super soft and feel awesome on your skin so there’s that, too.

Strip down and try us on, neither of us will regret it.

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