Keep Calm Hoodies – Buy Hoodies Because You Love Yourself (and us)

There’s a universal code among women. Actually, there’s probably quite a few that women will never share but the main rule (more like the 22nd something rule) is that you don’t touch a woman’s hoodie. Especially not a KCCO hoodie.

Women buy hoodies for them. No sharing. She will cut a bitch.

Women buy hoodies carefully and strategically, choosing only the right apparel that is disproportionately sized yet still fits nicely and looks amazing.

If a zipper hoodie isn’t your thing then have no fear, The Chive works endlessly to ensure that you’ve got the best KCCO women’s apparel. We’ll help you find the best fit for a zipperless pull over or… if you want to get really wild (and kind of weird) we’ve even got adult bodysuits with a ghostbuster theme.

That looks hella sexy on a Chivette and you won’t regret that one.

Don’t sweat offending others with your choice of hoodies – these are (kinda) the tamer of the graphic women’s apparel. That means it’s super easy to go for the classic look that tells people you’re super comfortable, you don’t mind the casual hoodie look, and you’re ready to beat the hell out of anyone who gangsta-steps your way.

You’re a fierce alpha and we’ve got the perfect armor for you – Come, grab a hoodie, and suit up.

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