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The Golden Farley
Game Rules

How to Play

The Golden Farley Game is for hardcore Chivers who enjoy competing against others to collect rare items that unlock future benefits. 

Your quest to acquire all the game pieces will require you to stay sharp and be ready at a moment's notice.

A new Game Piece is launched every month to create a set at the end of the year which you can use to obtain valuable items and benefits.

How to Win

Each game piece and accompanying items are worth a specified amount of points. The more points you earn, the bigger the reward.

  • 1/100th oz Golden Farley Game Piece Gold Bars: 100 pts
  • Golden Farley T-shirts: 75 pts
  • Gold Bar Bundles: 250 pts
  • Golden Farley Game Piece Display Case: 500 pts
  • Completed set: 1,000 pts

The Game Pieces will become more rare as time goes on and quantities become more scarce. Keep up to date on launches by subscribing to our email and SMS lists, here.

Golden Streaks

A ‘Golden Streak’ is awarded to Chivers who acquire a 1/100th oz Gold Bar Game Piece 3 months in a row. Golden Streaks will get harder and harder to hit as time goes on and the Game Pieces become more rare.

  • Golden Streaks: 300 pts

Golden Streaks come with added benefits including VIP access to the next Game Piece launch date, discounts, access to special items, and more.

How to Lose

A good way to lose is to:

  1. Not play the game
  2. Be late to the party

If you miss a Game Piece launch, you’re able to jump back in the next month – but you’ll pay a slightly higher price.

The Big Reveal

If you're lucky enough to complete the set, you’ll be awarded a special mystery Game Piece at the end of the year. Who knows, maybe there’s a secret link on the back to claim something far more valuable?

The Top Scoring Chivers will also earn something special. Remember: It pays to win!

Stay Ready!