You’ve been waiting by the fireplace, wearing nothing but a Santa hat...
Staring at a dead pine tree in the corner from last Christmas…
Naming groups of nine inanimate objects after flying reindeer…
Now… finally… FINALLY it’s back.

This year, we’re tinseling the fuck out of some RAK, bringing rando joy to the Internet, letting it snow happiness, all in the spirit of holiday generosity.

Giving. Getting. It’s really all we’re about here — and you definitely want to be a part of it.

Have no idea what the hell we’re talking about? Well, We’ve already made it simple with this blog post, but basically: Sign up. Buy/make shit. Send it to a person you don’t know. Enjoy the fact you’re a good person. Get a gift.

We’re stressing our D.B.A.G. policy this year — as in “Don’t. Be. A. Grinch.” If you sign up, don’t be that green, small-hearted monster who doesn’t give a gift but is perfectly ok with getting one. As you know, the success of our little Internet community drive is founded on those The-holidays-are-awesome-so-I’ll-be-awesome kind of people, not the I’m-a-terrible-person people. Those people are trash, anyway. Get it together!

Besides, you don’t want to make Chive Santa’s naughty list, do you? Of course you don’t. That guy is a dick when you’re on his naughty list.

It’s the most Chivable Time of the Year!