KCCO Leather Patch Hat

$15.00 USD $30.00 USD
Color: Grey

This Chive hat relies on an awesome minimalist look with a rad brown-leather patch that's embroidered with your favorite KCCO slogan.

Just a friendly reminder: Cowboys wear leather.But this...uh...this isn't a cowboy hat. This is more like a Chiver hat. Yeah. I like that. A Chiver hat.

How Does It Fit

Adjustable Fit

Take Care of Your Shit

Wash the cap with the rest of similarly colored clothing in cool water. Do not use bleach. If you are very concerned with protecting the shape of the cap, you can use a specially designed hat form and toss it in the washer. Allow the cap to dry in the form or over a coffee can or other head-shaped container. Do not put baseball caps in the dryer.

Get the Specs

6 Panel Twill Snapback. Leather Patch.