The Chivery's Best Dressed of the Masters

We all know that golf isn't just about hitting a small white ball at a hole. There's also an illustrious history of wearing wacky and highly stylish shit. So, since we're a clothing company, we call picked our favorites of this weekend's Large Golfing Event.

Rory Mcilroy's Kobe-inspired Lunarlons a Slam Fucking Dunk
Two words: "Gold foil." No, wait. three words. "Gold foil, brah." Not to pat ourselves on the back, but it definitely reminds us of our new Chivette line's use of the most beauteous metal on earth. No big deal or anything.

Billy Horschel likes Pina Coladas and Gettin' Caught in the Rain
Tropical pants, mon! Ever hear of "peacocking?" This is doing that, with ACTUAL peacocks on your pants. See them? They're hiding in the tropic shrubbery there.

Smylie Kaufman's Green Screen Pants Ready for The Local Weather Station
In the world of pants, you can't have enough green. We're green with envy. Like, really really really REALLY green.

The Land of the Free, the Home of the Very Brave Dressers
While the famous Green Jacket is what the golfers were aiming for this weekend, this hero's patriotic blazer should've at least gone to second place.

Danny Lee's Pistachio Pants Aren't so Nutty
Again coming from the new golfing world of green pants is Danny Lee. Love the palette, Danny!

Bubba Watson Putting His Best Foot Forward
Look closely. Sock game so hard. We also give credit to Bubba's excellent choice in sweatervests there!

Danny Willet's Jacket is a Winner
Victory looks good on anybody.

Just ask "Jordan" Jordan Spieth.

And finally… this shot by Louis Oosthuizen was so amazing it had style.