The Chivery's Coachella Favorites

Coachella isn't just a place where you can listen to a lot of great music (and do a lot of great DRUGS), it's also a time we finally start getting a good look at fashion trends on actual people. There's a certain feel that this year is a celebration that winter is over and that more skin can be shown. And, you know, we're all for that here at The Chivery. So, after Weekend One is in the books, we'd like to share some shots including neckwear, leather fringes, flowers upon flowers, capes, and lots and lots of sunglasses. It's like that "rock and roll meets the Mother Sister Nature Goddess" look. Plus, people were out there wearing Buy Me Brunch gear. So, you know, let us brag a little about being on the cutting edge of fashion. Check out a few of our favorites (read: mostly hot chicks) below.