ChiveMall - April Edition - 2015

We really had y'all going, didn't we?


The unfortunate truth comes out, Chivers. ChiveMall was probably the best April Fools prank on the Internet, but that's where we pump the brakes. It was all in good fun, getting y'all like that. No hard feelings, right? Well, if there are, at least let us try to make it up to you.


For today only, when you use the discount code: CHIVEMALL at check out, you'll get 15% off your entire order (EXPIRED). Sadly, the ChiveMall Catalog will never show up on your doorstep, even if you have it in your cart for checkout, but fear not. The most sought after tees in the world will still be packaged, shipped, and delivered to you, so in a way, you already have your ChiveMall catalog subscription.


Still, we feel bad about pranking you, so until 1 AM EST, the discount code CHIVEMALL will be in full effect. This isn't another April Fools Joke. We promise, we're serious, and y'all can trust us on this. Plus, it'd just be mean to prank y'all twice in one day.


May your pranks be planned precisely and performed to perfection, Chivers. Happy April Fools Day.