Office Photoshop Classes Result in Hilarious Email Threads (19 Photos)

Not everyone here at theCHIVE HQ is a graphic designer. Some of us write code. Some of us make beer. Some of us are writers (hi). As theCHIVE's Special Ops Editor, Cameron's pretty much a Jack of All Trades. He curates galleries for theCHIVE, he's a photographer, a writer, and he enjoys long walks on the beach under the starlight and the crescent moon. But only under the crescent moon. He'll throw a fit if it's any fuller than that.


Sometimes he has to travel for the company, and when Rachel Ray snapped this picture of him, we had a field day with the big guy in a little seat. He's tall. Like obscenely tall. 6' 8" without shoes on, and seeing him scrunched up in an undersized chair, we just couldn't resist.


Naturally, we had to put our newly honed Photoshop skills to good use, and thus, the email thread began. Enjoy.




















See? We told you we've been practicing. Which was your favorite, Chivers? Let us know in the comments below!