The Chivery's RAK

The Chivers have made the RAK world famous, I can’t wrap my mind around all the beers, Chive tees, and other awesome small generosities that Chivers have RAK’d each other since this all started. It’s pretty damn cool if you think about it. Now, we have made it super easy to RAK Chive Gear all through The Chivery.

How to RAK


Option One: RAK Ship

When in cart simply select "I know the shipping address." This will enable the RAKit drop-ins for your recipient. Choose this option only if you know the shipping address of the recipient. Just like a gift shipment, check out through The Chivery and simply send it to the address of the Chiver or Chivette you wish to RAK. 


Option Two: Share a Link

RAK a complete stranger! When in cart select "I want a link to share." Simply go through checkout with your billing and shipping like normal. After your order is complete an email containing a unique link will be sent to your email and you can share this ANYWHERE.

Once the recipient clicks this link they will update the order with their own shipping information and "claim" the RAK. You can share this link in DM's, private messages, social media, text, theCHIVE comments, etc. 

Keep in Mind: The first person to click the link and "claim" the RAK completes the order, and the link will be void.  So don't share the link other than with the person you want to be able to receive it.


Share your RAK


This is your chance to put a smile on someone's face without ever meeting them or even knowing them, and it's that blind generosity that makes theCHIVE community so unique. It's like Chivers know that you don't have to know someone to be kind to them, and that mentality is something that can, and probably will start a global movement. All we ask is that you share the heartfelt hilarity by posting your RAK’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #RAKit.