The Chivery 3.0

Welcome to The Chivery 3.0!

These days, you can’t stand still. When you stop innovating and improving, you’re on your way to irrelevance. Since the day we launched The Chivery 2.0 back in August 2013, we’ve been working on ways to improve the experience and we’re very excited to share our progress. Here are just a few highlights of what’s new on The Chivery…

Ratings and Reviews/Q&A
This one was a no-brainer. Not only have ratings and reviews become ubiquitous for online stores, but they’re the best way to understand if people are liking what you offer and, if not, how to improve. Likewise, the Q&A section of each product page is a perfect place to ask The Chivery Team and other Chivers This is a brand new feature, and we’ve already gotten tons of feedback, but we’re always looking for more. Have you purchased from us in the past? Have some opinions to share? Rate and review your product/purchase to help us and other shoppers.

Social Curations
Did you get something awesome from The Chivery and want to share it with the world? Well, now you can! Just snap a pic of yourself with your Chivery gear and tag it with #TheChivery on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Once it passes through our moderation system it’ll show up right on the product page. This not only a great way for Chive Nation to share their experiences with one another, but also a great way for other shoppers to see how different Chive gear looks, fits and works out in the wild.

Bigger and Better Media
We get it: shopping online is tricky. You can’t pick up, touch or feel the items you’re browsing, so it’s extremely important to provide as much information as possible. That’s why we’ve got bigger and better images and video on just about every single product page. We’ve also added more specs and product detail and care information to help you pick the right stuff.

We’ve worked hard to bring you this updated version of The Chivery and we’re very proud of how far we’ve come, but we want to know what you think. We invite you to browse the new site, then come back here and tell us what you think in the comments. You guys’ opinions mean a lot to us and your feedback will help shape future versions of The Chivery.

The Chivery Team