The Chivery iOS App!

Version 1.1.4 of The Chivery iOS app landed on July 31st, 2015 with a bevy of bug fixes and optimizations.

Here are some highlights of what’s new:

Eliminated Crashes: The number one piece of feedback we got and our highest priority for this app update was stability. SDK updates all throughout have made the app faster and much less prone to crash.

Persisting Cookies: Not the delicious, sugary kind, but the kind that will prevent you from losing items in your shopping cart between sessions. Add something to your cart, exit the app, come back later and all should be just how you left it.

Larger Marquees: We updated app marquees to leverage high definition images that fit the screen better and look great on the newest, larger retina iPhone screens. Enjoy the eye candy!

Push Notification Fixes: The Chivery app is a great way to find out when the latest releases are available. Now, push notifications will more consistently and reliably send you to where you’re supposed to go.

Optimized Shopping View: Last, but certainly not least, we optimized the full shopping experience from the home page to the cart. All site elements load significantly faster and are much more responsive, meaning you can get in, get your gear and check out more quickly than ever and get on with your life.

Fired Patty: Pretty self-explanatory