The Chivery presents: Loyalty Rewards



Here at The Chivery labs, we’ve decided it’s about damned time we give you something extra-special for being so damned dedicated to us all the damned time. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Basic Math to bring you one of the fanciest, fastest and flyest loyalty points programs the Internet has ever seen.

Oh, we can hear you: “I want free Chivery swag and I want it NOW!"

Well, earning points is easy. Just sign up to the program by creating an account and you’ll earn 500 points. Boom. Just like that. Then, for every one of your friends you refer to us, you’ll pocket another 500 points. Every dollar you spend at The Chivery will earn you five loyalty points. That’s one more than four! You can also earn 25 points a week, just by visiting

What’s that? You’ve already bought stuff and want points for your past love? We already thought of that. Anyone who’s placed an order in the past will start with some points already in your account to reward you for your obvious ability to predict the future. Even if you used guest checkout in the past, just create an account using the same email as your guest checkout purchase to get your points. Wanna see how many points you already have? Just log in, click on “My Account” then select “Your Points.”

So, what do you do with all these points? Well, you redeem them for rewards and discounts that can be applied to future orders on The Chivery. Every 100 points is worth $1 in store credit, redeemed at various predetermined tiers.

Pretty soon, you’ll be well on your way to free merch, exclusive promotions and the true recognition you deserve. We honestly couldn’t make it any easier unless we stuffed dollar bills directly into your mouth. And we’re not allowed to do that. Not anymore.



Keep Loyal and Chive On,

The Chivery Labs